5-ish years ago, Hallie and Amer met at a dog park. They made an immediate soul connection, walked their dogs across the entire ATL Greenbelt and back, and made plans for a date before they went home. We were super cute. So young, so free; we had all kinds of plans. We took vacations, napped in the middle of the day, and occasionally brunched.

I don’t know. We basically fell madly in love, entered some kind of time/space warp, and suddenly here we are; with two kids, a cattle dog, and a family business. How did it all happen? We aren’t 100% sure.


Meet the Madeskos


Lela is the sweetest thing; her hugs and snuggles make you feel special. She’s headstrong though, and will rarely accept a bribe. Her sister will cave on anything for chocolate. Her favorite pastimes include climbing, ransacking, dancing, and having cute puffy cheeks. She loves shoes, her sister, and various percussive instruments.


Zara is a 4 year old rock star. She has an intense love for animals, magical creatures of any kind, and DRAMA. She will correct you on the names of the her dinosaurs, so study up. She’s like if a tornado, Wednesday Adams, and an actual kitten amalgamated. She’s probably jumping off something as we speak.


Amer&Zara at the beach

Amer is the steam engine that keeps this Madesko machine chugging. He has a relentless dedication to his family and his pursuits. He has run Green Valley Treats for the past four years making artisanal dog treats. Website He makes terrible dad jokes, never cooks, and still somehow manages to be the “fun one.” He’s our hero.


The hair is always changing

Mom, wife, domestic engineer, short order cook, person? I’m still figuring things out. I love my little family, cooking, creating things, traveling, and adventures. I like to say things like: “I’m not about the drama” and then cry over things like: the way the light is coming through a window, or – that onions came on my sandwich.

Tallulah “Tully”

Tully on the Playground

We rescued Tallulah when she was about a year and a half. She had a really rough life in rural north GA, and when we first brought her home she had no idea what to do. She had never been around people, at least ones that showed her kindness. Her anxiety was so bad that for almost a year we never left the house at the same time. Now, she’s one of the family, she runs the house, the woods, and the whole neighborhood. She is the best nanny dog to the girls; let’s them get away with whatever they want. She is basically Amer’s shadow, but I’d like to think she loves us all equally. (She’s a daddy’s girl 100% though)