Existence is intense. Zara is a whole vibe. A lot of times I feel like covering my eyes and hiding. I have found that a positive outlook and open mind go a long way. I also cry into my coffee sometimes, so it’s about balance.

We all play different roles; a beautiful ven diagram of existence, always shifting in and out. In my life, the parenting bubble often overcomes everything. I’m trying to be more mindful and make space for things that are important to me. When you’re overwhelmed, there’s not much room for anything else. I am doing my best to “empty my cup” and balance my bubbles”. I know I can’t be alone in the struggle! I’m not the only one feeling perpetual loop of hot mess-ness(?) It’s ok, I’m forgiving myself, and I hope you do as well. Sharing mine and my family’s story is a way for all of us to connect to eachother, and embrace all the beautiful mess of existence.

Also, it’s like free therapy for me. So, win.

For the parents out there- no pressure right? The accountability that comes along with parenting can be overwhelming. What I want most in this life is for my children to feel confident and secure in themselves; to lean into the wind and feel free enough to lift their arms. I hope our love for them is strong enough to sprout and grow their love for themselves.

Parenting- wtf

So, long story short:

We’re here, above all- to share experiences.

I will share recipes, books, links, bad jokes, weird facts, hot tips, info about other family-owned and like- minded businesses, my experiences parenting on the spectrum, and whatever else comes up I think people could benefit from in some way.

About the author/editor/publisher/ blog newb

I picture myself like if Martha Stewart had a millennial cousin with half the resources, know how, and charm. I have two amazing and beautiful kids on the Autism spectrum. I’m learning a lot about how to connect to and guide them. I am a wife to a really cool guy, who’s also an excellent father. We are learning a lot about what it means to be partners, parents, and members of a team.

I like to cook, I like to bake. I like to do stuff like organize the fridge and closets by color. We love to travel, and be outside. I like making beautiful things. Most of all, I’m driven to give my children lasting memories through every day experiences. I believe in the power of kindness and empathy, and I will promote those ideologies across all content. We are here to remind people and parents to go a little easier on themselves. No one is perfect!

We’re a family that has no idea what they’re doing! And we’re excited to share our world with you.

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