Do you guys want my opinion on celebrating Halloween OF COURSE YOU DO Ok- here we go..

Flat out, we’ve all been stressed out for months. We have overcome and adapted to so much change this year. Our kids have had to figure out a completely new way to learn- even returning to school 6ft apart is far from the norm. We’ve deprived ourselves and our kids from many previously taken for granted social pleasures for the sake of safety. A worthwhile cause; still our daily routines, vacations, social interactions, general expectations and quality of life have suffered. The entire world has felt the impact.

Halloween is a tradition of embracing and celebrating the darker parts of life. (And death, I suppose) But regardless of its various origins, the mass appeal boils down to one universal fact: it’s fun! Halloween is celebratory. It’s a complete twist on our every day lives. Plus- CANDY. I believe that we shouldn’t “cancel” Halloween, and instead fully embrace it in our own unique way. And no matter what- let the kids dress up!

Zara as Alice 🍄


Outdoors are the safest place for general social activities in our current environment. Take a walk with together dressed up at a park, in your backyard, down the street in the morning, whatever! It’s a gorgeous time of year, and it’s good to breathe fresh air.

Just some harmless, socially distanced ghosts out for a stroll.

Don’t want to/can’t go outside? That’s ok! Open the windows for some fall vibes. Fires, candles, spooky treats, scary movies, fun decorations- these are all great ways to celebrate the holiday in your home. Dress up for some distant family and friends FaceTime calls. Virtual spooky wine nights, pumpkin carvings or scary movie watch parties. Post selfies of your makeup and costume ideas- the list goes on!!

Halloween ‘20 spooky station 🎃

If you want to keep your kids inside this year, you could go behind various doors of your house; let them knock and say “trick or treat” and put some candy in their bucket! Surprise them by putting on a different hat or mask behind each door! Get creative with it, have fun!

If trick or treating is approved and you want to take part- Be smart about it. Don’t go in large groups, go with your immediate family or whoever lives in your house. It’s best not to send younger kids unsupervised this year, but if you feel like you can trust your older ones, be clear about the guidelines and precautions before they head out.

Pumpkins just waiting to be carved!

Some community Trick or Treating Ideas:

Each neighborhood, apartment complex, campsite- wherever you are- can get together (virtually or phone calls) and plan a daylight hour where kids can come around, 1 by 1 or with siblings/cousins small groups to each stop.

Wait outside your door/house for that time. Everyone has masks, everyone stays a safe distance, drop a piece of candy into their bucket. You can even use a gloved hand! And if you don’t touch your face, you can keep the same pair on as you give out candy through the night. Probably better to just keep sanitizer handy.

Smaller neighborhoods or complexes? Have anyone who wants to participate space out a large parking lot. Places where it’s more cold in smaller communities- line the kids up 6 feet apart, and all queue to one house at a time. Like a neighborhood game of snake; house to house, car to car, stop to stop.

Be smart about it- if you’ll take your kids to the grocery store, Target, etc- this is no different exposure wise. And better because it’s outside! This is going to take working together to figure it out. Everyone has to communicate and be on the same page if we’re going to give the kids a safe environment to experience the full on Halloween tradition. This isn’t something for everyone, everywhere. And that’s ok.

Everyones boundaries are different, so hold fast to your comfort level. if you don’t want or feel comfortable participating, turn off your lights, lock your door, and go about your night. You could put a sign out of you want to be thorough about it. DO NOT leave a communal bowl of candy outside. They always take more than they should, but more importantly it’s a veritable Petri dish for germs.

Or, try these socially distanced options out:

Make a long elaborate marble run across your yard with household items. Send a gum ball down for each kid. Might be a long night, but points for creativity

Dress up like Joe Exotic, act like everyone else is a tiger, and give them candy with those extended pincer/selfie stick things. Don’t take your gun out though, that would be dangerous.

Have the neighborhood kids “go long” and hurl your best Nestlé spiral across the yard. Don’t get the kind with nuts in them though- that would be dangerous.

T-shirt cannon from your roof.

Makeshift dumbwaiter from your upstairs window; raise & lower it each time. Good upper body workout; gotta get it in.

Put up fake quarentine and caution signs in your yard. Simple, but effective.

Go for it! Make it your own! It’ll be fun.

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